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Metal detecting is one of the best hobbies in the world in my opinion. I think every young boy dreams of digging up treasure, imagine the joy at seeing the glint of gold as you dig down into the sand or soil!

Even if you don't find something gold then you find pieces of history and you get to hold in your hand something which someone hundreds of years ago used as part of their daily life, or if it is a ring for instance then someone in days gone past may have saved up the money for it, then gone out and picked it from the range in a shop and presented it to their wife or husband, and you've found that piece when it went missing, you are connecting with people from the past in a truly unique way.

Anyway enough of that, below I have picked 9 metal detecting books, 3 are from for American detectorists, 3 are from for British detectorists, and then there are 3 digital products which apply to both the US and UK which you might find interesting (I purchased the one on using a digital camera, it is very intriguing!).



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